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Welcome to Baden the German "Sunshine State"

Our home is in Weisweil,
a small village at the shores of the RHINE-River
the vineyards of the KAISERSTUHL mountain
and the hills of the BLACK-FOREST.

German wine
Baden Wuerttemberg
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Our region is BADEN,
a part of the german state/province of BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG.
BADEN with its mild climate is the german sunshine-state.
It stretches along the french border between the Rhine river and
the Mountains of the Black Forest in the south-west of Germany.
The mild and sunny climate is well suited for the vineyards,
that cover the lower hills of the BLACK-FOREST.

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Main cities of Baden from south to north
Konstanz- a lovely city at germany´s largest lake
Waldshut- at the south-end of the Black-Forest
Lörrach- the southern entry to the Rhine-Valley
Freiburg- the pearl of Baden and gate to the Black-Forest
Karlsruhe- residential city and former capitol of Baden
Heidelberg- a lovely city known all over the world
Mannheim- the industrial heart of Baden

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