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About my person, my hobbies

If you made it so far, the you are really interested or just curious.

Please let me introduce myself.....
My name is Gerhard Huber
Im born Febr. 5th 1952 in Baden/Germany and live with my wife and my two sons in my hometown Weisweil, a village in the german region Baden in the valley of the Rhine-river. Since 1980 I work as an enforcement or executory officer, since 1985 for the local court.
(like a county sheriff or Marshall in the USA)

My home region Baden is also called the
"German Sunshine State"

But...... I...Computers
In my spare time I used to run a small computer-business, distributing Soft & Hardware to other enforcement officers in our state/province of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
In the course of this activity I took an interest in web-design and grew fond of building and maintaining websites. I was also adminstrator and webmaster of several computer-forums.
Since 2017 I'm retired.
Beside my Computers I also motorcycling...
On sunny days
- and we have many of them - I do not spend my days in front of the Computer

Whenever the weather ist good and I have time, I'm touring the hills of the Black Forest or sneak across the border to France, with my motorbike.

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Gerhard Huber

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